BCRC: Distributions

Bioresources distribution services provided from BCRC for NBRC customers. 


  1. For searching strains of interests, please refer to the following webpage.

  2. Please note that the online ordering service of BCRC bioresources is only for domestic users. Should you require to place orders or any further information, please email to Dr. Patricia Cheng, the appointed customer service personnel for customers from NBRC.


  1. The online catalogue is a search system for bioresources distributed by BCRC. You can perform a search by entering the strain number, scientific name, or keywords. Search results will provide scientific name, author, other collection numbers, sources, isolation location, application, restriction conditions, reference (if applicable), and media.
  1. Please make sure to obtain appropriate permit for strains which are under regulation(s) for distribution. All information such as regulation, biosafety level, culturing condition of the strain are described at BCRC online catalog.
  2. If your government agency requires a document for importing, please send us the form along with the order sheet.
  1. After searching from BCRC online catalog, please email the BCRC No., species name and contact information (company or lab: including full name, address, and phone number) to mail to hyc97@firdi.org.tw we will reply the quotation.
  2. While placing orders, please attach the following forms together with your email.

Information of Customer


Application for Supply of Biological Materials (Purchase order form)


Payment shall be made via wire transfer and provide us with a copy of remittance advice. After receiving your payment, we will arrange your shipment ASAP.

Bank information of payee is available from the following site.


General price lists for overseas customers:

  1. Applicant may use the Biological Material only for research purposes other than Commercial Use.
  2. Applicant shall not under any circumstance transfer any of the Biological Material to any third party.
  3. If the biological materials belong to the Risk group 2 (RG2) or above please make sure that your Biosafety Level of facilities is BSL2 or higher.
  4. BCRC will begin to prepare the export permit after receiving your customer information and purchase order. The verification of export permit will take about a month by our CDC.
  5. Please prepare import permit and any additional documents, if necessary.
  6. You are welcome to contact during the process anytime via email to Dr Patricia Cheng 

BCRC dispatch your goods as Freeze-dried double vial, slant, or frozen vials depending on the type of bioresources you ordered via Express Mail Service (EMS) or Fedex.

Once the package is sent, tracing number will be provided for you to track your package.

Instructions for reactivating cultures are enclosed with the package together with production information sheet.

You are welcome to contact us during the process anytime via email to Dr. Patricia Cheng